Generator Package 60 Amp – 7500k Honda

60 Amp Generator Package

Rental Rate $350 a day for gennie and distro. . .

Movie Blimped
Inverter Generators

The Honda EU Series Inverter Generators provide stable, clean power in a smaller, lighter, quieter portable gas generator – making it the best choice for HD Digital Cinema production. Honda engineers accomplish this by first integrating parts from the engine and generator set into a revolutionary combination flywheel/alternator. This results in a more compact and lighter product.

Honda’s sine-wave inverter technology provides smoother, higher quality power flow that is ideal for frequency and voltage fluctuation-sensitive equipment such as HD Camcorders, laptop computers, back up hard drives, and HMI ballasts. Honda’s inverter technology accomplishes this by taking the raw power produced by the generator and passes it through a microprocessor controlled multi-step process to condition it. First, the generator’s combination flywheel/alternator produces high voltage multiphase AC power. The AC power is then converted to DC. Finally the DC power is converted back to AC by an inverter. The inverter cleans and stabelizes the the power to make it equal to or better than household power with a waveform distortion factor of less than 2.5%. A special microprocessor controls the entire process, as well as the speed of the engine – eliminating the need for expensive crystal sync governers.

Waveform of previous models (left). Waveform of Inverter Generators (bottom)

Another new feature of the EU6500i generator that is of tremendous benefit to filmmakers, when used with our 60A Full Power Transfomer/Distro, is the iMonitor display. This digital display provides operational status, engine speed, and load wattage. The wattage read-out makes it easy to load our 60A Full Power Transfomer/Distro to the max so that you can fully utilize the power capacity of the generator. An overload alarm is also integrated into the panel so that you don’t inadvertently overload the generator.

Honda’s Inverter Generators are substantially quieter than traditional models. The Inverter Generators feature Honda’s original two-tiered noise dampening system and quiet Honda engines. But, to make them even quieter, the inverter generators are made of special new sound dampening materials in a triple chamber design. For example, the noise of the EU6500i generator has been greatly reduced by integrating a triple-chamber construction for the exhaust, engine and air intake. The exhaust chamber is now lined with a sound-absorbing material and houses a larger muffler that is secured to the frame and enclosed in the body of the generator, reducing both noise and vibration. The muffler is the first USDA certified “spark-arresting” muffler to be used in a portable gas generator. The engine chamber is also lined with a sound-dampening material and has fully sealed panels to contain acoustic energy. The central air intake and exhaust system is designed to reduce mechanical noise by making airflow smoother by use of an air guide and intake nose. A newly designed rigid frame also aids in the sound attenuation of the EU6500i, as does Honda’s Eco-Throttle. The micro processor controlled Eco-Throttle makes the Honda Inverter Generators not only more fuel efficient but also incredibly quiet.

Honda’s Eco-Throttle automatically adjusts the generator’s engine speed to produce only the power needed for the application in use. Traditional generators have to run at a constant 3600 RPM to produce stable 60 hertz (cycle) electricity. Whereas, the Inverter Technology of the Honda Inverter Generators enable them to run at much slower RPMs while maintaining frequency and power for the requested load. Because the engine does not have to run at full speed constantly, the Eco-Throttle reduces fuel consumption by up to 40%. But, of greater importance for film applications, not running at full speed constantly, the engine is much quieter. Honda’s inverter generators are substantially quieter than traditional models. See the decibel chart below to get a good idea of the difference.

Honda’s specifications for EU Series generator range from 49 to 60 dBA (depending on the load) at 9 ft. which translates to 34 to 44 dBA at 50 ft. This is well below what is required for trouble free location recording and is ten decibels or half as loud as the comparable EM7000isAB and ES6500 generators typically found at lighting rental houses. This makes Honda’s EU Series Inverter Generators the quietest portable gas powered generators for motion picture production.

Our 18 gallon Extended Run Fuel Tank
Eco-Throttle also makes the EU6500i incredibly fuel efficient. It will run 4.5hrs at rated load on a tank of gasoline. So that you never have to interrupt shooting to refuel, we have developed an accessory 18 Gallon Extended Run Fuel Tank. You simply set it and forget it. Our accessory 18 Gallon Extended Run Fuel Tank also eliminates the potential fire hazard in refueling a hot generator. Use this link for details on the safety benefits and operation of our Extended Run Fuel Tank.
Versatile hand-truck/stand transports 18 gallons of full to set with ease as well as serves as stand for the Extended Run Fuel Tank

Of the EU6500i Generator, Honda states; “This new EU series generator is our most powerful, versatile and technologically advanced generator yet.” To make the best even better we further enhance the production capability of the Honda EU6500i Inverter Generator by modifying it so that it is compatible with our proprietary line of Full Power Transformer/Distros.


Full Power

Our line of innovative Full Power Transformer/Distros enable you to access more power from portable generators or common 240v household outlets than you could ever before. Our Full Power Transformer/Distros work by stepping down 240V power, from either a portable generator or household outlet, to a single 120V circuit capable of powering bigger lights, or more smaller lights, than was possible before. Common 240V sources found on interior locations include Range Plugs, Dryer Plugs, and special receptacles installed for Window Air Conditioners. Our Full Power Transformer/Distros can also be used to step down 240 Volts supplied by two regular 20A wall outlets on opposing service legs. By giving you access to more house power through common 240V house outlets, our Full Power Transformer/Distros can eliminate the need for tie ins or generators.

Honda EU6500i Inverter Generator with 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro

On exterior locations where house power is not available, or to simply supplement house power, our Full Power Transformer/ Distros can be used to step down the 240V output from Portable Generators to a single 120V circuit that is capable of powering a big light like the new Mole 5k Quartz Par or the brighter Mole 4kw HMI Day Lite Par – thus eliminating the need for the large expensive diesel generators required to power these lights before. And, where our Full Power Transformer/Distro provides access to the full continuous rated power capacity of a generator in a single circuit, it enables you to power more smaller lights off of a generator than you can without it.

Our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro on location

How do they do it? Our Full Power Transformer/Distros enable you to more fully utilize the continuous rated power capacity of a generator by enabling you to load it more fully. Without one of our Full Power Transformer/Distros you can never fully utilize the available power of portable generator because the load of a light has to go on one circuit/leg of the generator or the other. For example, when plugging lights into the power outlet panel of a Honda EU6500i Inverter Generator, you reach a point where you can’t power an additional 1kw light because there is not 8.4 amps available on either one of the factory installed 20A outlets/leg of the generator. With our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro you can still add that 1kw light because our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro not only accesses power through a higher rated circuit (the 30A/240V Twistlock), but it also splits the load evenly over the two legs (4.2A/leg) of the generator on that circuit.

A Honda EU6500i & our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro powering

PFC 2.5 & 1.2 HMI Pars, PFC 800w Joker HMI,

Kino Flo Flat Head 80, 2 ParaBeam 400s, and a ParaBeam 200

And, because our Full Power Transformer/Distros perfectly balance the load of what ever you plug into it, the generator is capable of handling the larger load more easily because it is perfectly balanced. The best part about our Full Power Transformer/Distros is that they split the load of what ever you plug into it automatically. The iMonitor display on the EU6500igenerator control panel makes it especially easy to load the generator to the max. Simply plug in lights. When the load wattage displayed on the iMonitor reaches 7500 Watts you are fully utilizing the power capacity of the generator.

An overload alarm on the iMonitor display will tell you if you inadvertently overload the 60A Transformer/Distro. You no longer have to carefully balance the load over the generator’s two 20A/120 circuits/legs as you plug in lights because our 60A Full Power Transfomer/Distro does it for you automatically. Now that you are able to fully utilize the generator’s available power, you are able to power larger lights, or more smaller lights, than you could without our Full Power Transformer/Distros. Without a doubt, the iMonitor of the EU6500i generator is a feature that offers tremendous benefit to filmmakers when used with our 60A Full Power Transfomer/Distro.

Night exterior scene lit with HD P&P Pkg.

For example, our modified Honda EU6500i Inverter Generator with our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro is capable of powering a 2.5kw Par along with the 1200, 800, & 400 Pars of our HD Plug and Play Pkg., plus a couple of Parabeam 400s and Parabeam 200s. Given the light sensitivity of HD Camcorders, this constitutes a complete location lighting package for HD Digital Cinema productions.

Night exterior Two Shot lit with HD P&P Pkg.

Without a doubt, our Full Power Transformer Distros and extremely quiet Honda Inverter Generators make for an unbeatable combination when it comes to providing silent location power. Not only do our Full Power Transformer/Distros enable you to get more useable power out of the generator, but they also greatly simplify your set electrics. Our Full Power Transformer/Distros are configured with the industry standard 60A GPC (Bates) outlet.

Distro System consisting of 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro, 2-60A GPC (Bates) Splitters, 2-60A Woodhead Box.

Even though the generator is 100′ away to reduce noise, plug-in points remain conveniently close to set.

The 60A GPC outlet can be used to power a 5kw Quartz, 2.5kw HMI Par, or even a Power Factor Corrected 4kw HMI Par like the new Mole 4kw Day Lite Par. With additional 60A GPC extension cables, 60-to-60 Splitters, and fused 60A GPC-to-Edison Breakouts (snack boxes) the 60A GPC Outlet on our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro enables you to run power around your set – breaking out to 20A Edison outlets at convenient points. The best part is that no matter where in the distribution system you plug in, our Full Power Transformer/Distro automatically balances the additional load, so that you don’t have to. If you are using the Honda EU6500i generator, you simply plug in lights until the load wattage displayed on the iMonitor of the generator control panel reaches 7500Watts. An overload alarm on the iMonitor display will tell you if you inadvertently overload the 60A Transformer/Distro.

60A Woodhead Box running Power to Light PFC 800W ballast (left) and PFC 1200W ballast (right.)

To record sync sound without picking up any generator noise, add 100′ of our heavy duty 250V twist-lock cable between the generator and the transformer/distro. This way the generator can be further away, while your plug-in points remain conveniently close to set. You also eliminate multiple cable runs to the generator and the subsequent drop in voltage from line-loss from using standard electrical cords. Without a doubt, our Full Power Transformer/Distro and modified Honda EU6500i Inverter Generator make an unbeatable combination for silent location power generation and offers HD Digital Cinema Producers unprecedented production capability with our HD Plug and Play Pkg..

*package purchased from screenlight and grip. Info above is from them

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