Equinox Pro Pack 10 For Sony Z7U

Rental Rate $250.00 per day

This Equinox HD10 mechanical underwater housing is designed for the Sony HVR-Z7U camcorder. The corrosion-resistant housing is constructed with rugged and durable PVC material with one inch cast acrylic face plates and stainless steel hardware; it is rated to a depth of up to 250′.

Features included are 8 mechanical controls. power-on/off, record-start/stop, zoom-telephoto/wide, ND filter 1 and 2, push button auto-focus, auto to manual focus switch, white balance and push button iris. There are also 2 geared controls: manual focus and iris dial. A 2.5″ color LCD monitor with its own rechargeable battery is included with the housing.
8 Mechanical Controls
Power-on/off Record-start/stop
Zoom – telephoto/wide
ND filter 1 and 2
Push button auto focus
Auto to manual focus switch
White balance
Push button iris

2 Geared Controls
Manual focus
Iris dial
BRS (Ballast Release System)
For easy travel or if trouble occurs on a dive, simply pull the quick release pin on the wings in order to release the wing and handle (ballast), the housing now becomes positive and shoots to the surface
Lightweight, Durable & Strong
Housing body construction is rugged, durable PVC material, with stainless steel hardware
Rubber feet for stability even on a rocking boat
D-ring on rear plate for easy hook up to a lanyard
Depth Rated
Maximum depth of up to 250′
Easy Mounting
One tray slide mounting system for easy removal of camera

PVC plastic, stainless steel hardware and 1″ cast acrylic front & rear face plates
Control Type
Power-on/off, Record-start/stop, Zoom-telephoto/wide, ND filter 1 and 2, Push button auto focus, Auto to manual focus switch, White balance, Push button iris, Manual focus, Iris dial
Depth Rating
250′ (75 m)
Curved optical dome
Not included
Wide Angle Lens
Not included
Optional (cat #UWMIC)
Moisture Alarm
Camcorder Mounting
2 Stainless steel tray system
Pluggable Underwater Connector
EO video out bulkhead
Dimensions (LxWxH)
13 x 11 x 14″ (330.2 x 279.40 x 355.60mm)
Weight (without Camcorder)
55 lbs (24.95kg) With ballast

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