Bogen 503

Rental Rate 25.00 per day
Being very much aware of changing trends in the video world, Manfrotto revised their proven 503 fluid head taking into account the increasing performance demands of High Definition Mini-DV camcorders. The result is the 503HDV Pro.
With regard to ergonomics, the engineers at Manfrotto designed the 503HDV with entirely left-handed controls to enhance operational efficiency. Since camera controls are generally left-handed, every setting may be inspected and verified at a glance, facilitating rapid setups from shot to shot.
The greater resolution of High Definition video means that details as well as errors in movement are more apparent, and thereby demands a more refined means of support. The continuously-variable fluid drag system of the 503HDV provides just the right amount of dampening for any shot on your list-from whip pans to slow motion, just dial in drag to touch. This capability in conjunction with the 3-step counterbalance delivers the type of fingertip camera control normally reserved for much more costly production fluid heads.
ENG crews and independent filmmakers alike will appreciate the thoughtful, full-featured design of the 503HDV fluid head as it expands their shooting gamut without unnecessarily shrinking their budgets. As with all other Bogen/Manfrotto supports, it includes a two-year warranty and comprehensive online documentation.

Continuously-variable fluid drag

Multi-spring 3 step counterbalance

Sliding balance plate with 58mm of travel

Replaceable dual pan arm rosettes

Illuminated bubble level

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