oconnor 1030b Mitchel

Rental Rate $50.00 per day

The 1030b is designed to deliver the ultimate in control and stability for high definition productions with camera payloads up to 39.0 lbs (17.7 kg). It possesses the same characteristics as OConnor’s fluid heads for 35mm film cameras, (such as the 2575) but with ultra-smooth true fluid drag specifically enhanced for high definition applications. Stepless sinusoidal counterbalance in conjunction with the sliding camera plate ensures fingertip control through the load range, and a tilt-locking pin positively locks the head for rapid, safe camera changes. Leaving no detail unrefined, dual pan arm rosettes facilitate left- or two-handed configurations, and are replaceable parts.
Consistent with the uncompromising engineering style found in all OConnor products, the 1030b is fully covered with an unbeatable 5-year warranty, and friendly, accessible telephone support.

Pan and tilt fluid drag specifically enhanced for HD applications

Continuously variable dual-axis sinusoidal counterbalance

Positive tilt-locking pin positively locks head for fast and safe camera changes

Dual pan arm rosettes for left- or two-handed configurations

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