Gyro – Camera Handheld


Kenyon KS-8 Gyro Rental
$275/ Daily

Knowing thatcamera movementdestroys imagesharpness but thatprofitable picturesare often made onthe run, smart prosseek a compromise between tripod andhandheld exposures.Countless portablesupports exist, buteven if a stationaryobject can be foundon location,critical shots canbe lost in the timeneeded to set up.Minimum claritysometimes depends onuse – a soft imagebeing acceptable,say, for news butnot evidence work -but when the maximum percentage of tack sharp handheld shots are needed the gyro stabilizer is in order

Enter the KenyonGyro Stabilizer, asmall,battery-powered,pod-like case thatscrews into a tripodsocket and “floats”the camera in freespace with only itsweight supported byyour hands. Thedevice ismaintenance free,works with anycamera , spottingscope or binocularand, best of all,retains the freedomand speed ofhandheld shooting.The Kenyon system isneither a musing ofsome futuretechnology nor amagic trick, but anintelligentapplication of basicphysics.


The AdmiralKS-8
The Admiral hasbeen developedto provideKen-Lab’ssimplifiedstabilizationfor cameraequipment in the8 to 12 poundrange. Throughthe use of heavymetal tungstenwheels theeffect of twoKS-6 units isachieved in astandard KS-6housing, with noincrease inrunning powerrequired.

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