Litepanel 1×1 5600 Spot or Flood

Rental Rate $125.00 per day

The Litepanels 1 x 1′ LED Floodlight is versatile, lightweight and compact. It is an array of LED’s – Light Emitting Diodes – which provide silent, heat and flicker free soft light. It draws just 37 Watts, and is energized by its included 90-260 Volt power supply. It mounts easily via its yoke to any 5/8″ Baby top stud. Its LEDs have a 100,000 hour rated lamp life.
The 1×1 emits 130 footcandles from 4 feet (1.2 m). This 5600 K unit may be ganged together with other units, via optional brackets, to form 2×2 and 4×4′ units. It is also available as a 3200&degK unit: Click Here

View-Thru Back
The housing features an integrated pattern of hundreds of precisely aligned mini-portals.
This provides the ability to view the subject being illuminated, from behind the unit.

Dimming Control
Control knob on rear of unit provides 0-100% dimming, with no color shift.
An optional, remote dimming control is also available.

Filters Available
“Tungsten” 3200&degK and Diffusion slide-in filters are available separately.

Multi-Voltage Power Supply
Power supply operates with 90-260 AC Voltage, with the
appropriate plug adapter (available separately).

DC Compatible
An optional battery is available.


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