Motorola P1225 Walkie Talkie

Rental Rate $12.00 per week with surveilance

Product Description
The Radius P1225 Portable lets you switch now, switch later, or switch all the time. With the P1225, channel spacing is programmable by channel. Offering up to 16 channels, this portable allows for economical, staged migration to the narrower bandwidth across your company’s entire two-way inventory.
This is especially important considering the FCC’s Refarming Initiatives to increase spectrum efficiency and narrow channels to 12.5 kHz. With Motorola X-PAND technology, the audio quality of 12.5 kHz radios can actually out-perform what you could expect from 25 kHz radios.
12.5 or 25 kHz

Compresses your voice at one end.
Expands it at the other.
Significantly reduces noise level in the process.
Ask your dealer about the other fine Radius 1225 Series Two-Way Radios that utilize the exclusive X-PAND Technology. X-PAND keeps a radio that’s built to last 25 years from being obsolete in seven because you can switch to 12.5 kHz and preserve audio quality. X-PAND technology actually compresses your voice at transmission. At the receiving end, it expands it while simultaneously reducing extraneous noise. X-PAND technology at 12.5 kHz can actually out perform 25 kHz sound quality, available only in the Motorola Radius 1225 Series.
Features The P1225 has the following additional features:

■12.5/25 kHz Switchable
■AdvantagePort Expandability
■Programmable Option Button
■Internal VOX
■Battery Status Indicator
■High/Low Power
■Tight/Loose Squelch
■MIL-STD 810 C,D,E
■FM Intrinsically Safe Option
■Busy Channel Lock-Out
■Time-Out Timer
■Battery Saver

■12.5/25 kHz Switchable with X-Pand Technology

■AdvantagePort Expandability – Allows an authorized dealer to add an Advantage board to upgrade radio functionality.

■6-Character Alphanumeric LCD with Aliasing – this green backlit display provides clear identification of each assigned channel and option status.

■Internal VOX – Allows hands-free operation. When used with a headset, your hands are free to work because your voice and not the PTT button, activates transmission.

■Battery Status Indicator – Uses both visual and audio signals. The Tx LED glows green, yellow or red to let you know battery status at all times. A double beep at power up indicates the battery is fully charged.

■High/Low Power – Programmable by channel or to an option button, allows flexiblity in determining range of communication and consequent conservation of battery life.

■Repeater/Talkaround – Talkaround can be programmed to an option button allowing you to circumvent a repeater and transmit and receive direcetly between other radios.

■Tight/Loose Squelch – Enhances reception for local or distance situations by selective muting.

■Priority Channel Scan – Programmable to an option button or channel location, this capability lets the dealer create one customized list of channels you want scanned — in the order you designate.

■Reliable Durability – The P1225 met and surpassed military certification it underwent 11 of the rigorous MIL-STD 810 C, D & E endurance tests and easily distinguished itself. Additionally, the P1225 has passed Motorolaís own Accelerated Life Testing, which simulates years of rugged usage in the field.>

■FM Intrinsically Safe Option – Factory Mutual testing guarantees Intrinsically Safe operation with the P1225 portable. It’s your assurance against sparking under virtually any circumstances.
Applications The CT250 portable can be used for a variety of applications. Here are a few examples of some key industries:





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