IDX E-10 Endura

Rental Rate $15.00 per day

The IDX Endura 10 is a stackable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack. Precision mechanics give the Endura 10 a sleek design with a quick seamless V-Mount connection. The high power, lightweight, ergonomic design and exclusive IDX interactive features of the Endura 10 makes it an excellent solution for portable battery power.
• Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
IDX has embraced Lithium-Ion for its obvious advantages. Li-Ion batteries can deliver 40% more capacity than comparably sized NiCd batteries and are one of the lightest rechargeable batteries available today.
• Power Status
Five LED lamps located on the operators side of camera offer a quick-look reference of remaining battery capacity.
• Digi-View
The battery plate includes a special communication contact that transmits the current battery capacity in real time to the viewfinder “Fuel Gauge” included in many cameras/camcorders
• 14.4 Volts
The 14.4V design of the Endura E-10 battery complies with equipment manufacturers specifications, eliminating all 12V battery problems
The Endura E-10 is designed in a 14.4V configuration with a full discharge rating of 12V. Therefore, the Endura will always deliver 100% capacity before the camera ever reaches its cutoff point.
• PowerLink
The PowerLink™ system allows you to stack two Endura direct mount batteries together on a camera back.
• V-Mount
V-Mounts are becoming more and more prevalent on many new broadcast and professional camcorders.

Li-Ion, Lithium-Ion
Output Voltage
Sony V Mount
98 Wh
6.6 Ah
1.75 lbs
Dimensions (WxHxD)
3.4 x 2.28 x 5.6 ”
8.5 x 5.8 x 14.2cm

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