RED Epic Camera Package


5 Pounds. 5k. Shoot an ad campaign or a feature film.  Up to 18 stops of latitude in HDRx mode. 

The EPIC is the newest camera produced by Red Digital Cinema. Two-thirds smaller in size than the Red One, and weighing in at 5lbs, the EPIC boasts a 5k Mysterium-X™ sensor and the most advanced image processor of its type in the world.

To make sure you don’t miss a millisecond of the action, it also shoots up to a screaming 300 frames per second. Check out this video we shot demonstrating EPIC’s high-speed capabilities:

The camera has a dynamic range of 13.5 stops, with up to 18 stops in the new HDRx™ mode. In this mode, the camera captures two simultaneous images of identical resolution and frame rate, but at different shutter angles. One protects your highlights; the other protects your shadows. The result is footage of incredible dynamic range. Check out some test footage we shot using the HDRx mode below:

The camera features a number of ways to moderate and control various settings and levels. It comes with a 5.0″ touchscreen monitor, which has a very intuitive graphic user interface. Additionally you can control the camera with a REDmote (a proprietary controller that can be docked or wirelessly operated), as well as the DSMC side handle.

The camera records to SSD solid state digital media, which come in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities. The form factor of the camera makes it great also for shooting 3D and any lightweight configuration.

Daufenbach Camera is proud to offer arguably the best digital cinema camera on the market.


RED Epic Features:

  • 14 Megapixel Mysterium-X™ Sensor
  • 5K RAW (Full Frame, 2:1, 2.4:1, Anamorphic 2:1)
  • 5120 x 2700 pixel Resolution
  • Native 800 ASA sensitivity
  • 13.5 stops of latitude (up to 18 with HDRx™)
  • Raw recording to digital media (CF Card or SSD)
  • Record 5K, 4.5K, 4K, 3K, 2K, 1080P or 720P
  • Record 1-120 fps 5K, 4.5K, 4K
  • Record 1-180fps in 3K
  • Record 1-300fps in 2K
  • Depth of Field equivalent to Super 35mm film
  • Records 2 channel, uncompressed, 24 bit, 48KHz audio
  • Designed from the ground up for cinema style production
  • Body weighs just 5 pounds
  • S/N Ration: 66db
  • Constructed from Aluminum Alloy


Tvacom RED Rental Package Includes:

red epic camera rental los angeles


Some Films Shot on RED:

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