Zacuto Shoulder Rig

tvacom zacuto rental

Zacuto Shoulder Rig Rental $150/ Daily (Camera Not Included)

Our Zacuto rig is our solution to DSLR – RED Camera shoulder mounted shooting with an EVF or small on-board monitor. This rig uses our height adjustable Baseplates to mount to any DSLR or Red Camera and tripod. The baseplate attaches to your tripod using the standard tripod plate screws; (2) 1/4 20″ and (1) 3/8 16″. You can also easily quick release your camera from the rig by turning the red knob on the baseplate and pulling up on your camera. This cool feature allows you to quickly switch between using the camera on its own or as part of your rig.

This system includes our shoulder pad and Anton Bower brick battery plate for a fully balanced in-line rig. The more balanced the rig, the less front heaviness and arm fatigue. This rig can be used on your left or right shoulder.  This rig comes with our DSLR Handle, great for low mode shooting and easy carrying.


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