15 Sep

Tvacom Now Renting Sony FS700 ENG Camera Rig

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Tvacom is first to hit the street with these new FS700 cameras. We met with Sony and they were able to get us two cameras three weeks before they were available to shoot Season 2 of Richard Hammond’s Crash Course on BBC America Premiering October 22. Demands of the shoot required SD Wireless Video transmitters, wireless audio, audio receiver, and electronic EVF, all on comfortable shoulder rig to shoot 12 hours a day.  The Tvacom crew, Ryan VanAusdall, Will Shipp, Cari Miller and Dave Thies refined the rig over the first few weeks of shooting.  In the end, a HDMI down converter, EVF, Wireless Video and Audio sends were powered with Anton Bauer style battery and distribution plate so that only two batteries were required.  One for camera and one for everything else.  This cut down on having to swap batteries throughout the day.  The Metabones Canon adapter was used with a 24-70 F2.8 Canon lens. This combination was found to be sharp and covered the majority of the range for this type of shoot.  We also used an 11-16 F2.8 and 70-200 F2.8 Canon lens when needed. This series took us from all ends of the US, from NYC to Texas to Hawaii and beyond.  The camera performed in all temps and climates. Included with every rental is the most needed part of the rig for fine tuning Iris on the fly, the ND Fader. Find Details Here.

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